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Victoria Regional Airport

Victoria Regional Airport has several facilities available to passengers. There are three gates, consisting of one gate with two departure bays and the other with one departure bay, for commercial carriers departing Victoria Regional Airport. As well as these facilities there is an arrivals area for arriving passengers on commercial flights. This includes a baggage claim area where bags are unloaded from the aircraft and placed on the conveyor belt that will take them to the baggage check-in area.

There is also a duty free store located before security on the left side of the airport's departures level right past any possible passenger pick up points within this terminal building which is still open after hours, but without staff present. The duty free store sells mostly tobacco products along with alcohols such as spirits or pre-mixed drinks. But other times the airport may also stock certain types of food, perfume and small electronics.

Amenities are available to passengers at all times including restaurants, gift shops and information booths. Security is available around the clock as well where passengers must go through security checkpoints before entering the departure facility or arriving into Victoria Regional Airport. All commercial carriers sitting in Victoria Regional Airport can be accessed via shuttle bus to anywhere within the city; many of these buses run inside the airport itself allowing rapid transportation without having to wait for shuttles coexisting with traffic outside of the airport.


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